My First Post and the Galaxy Note 3

Wow! I’m standing in my kitchen as I write this.

My first blog post via the Android WordPress app on my Galaxy Note 3.

Fair Warning…

This is just me blogging aimlessly about random topics…

I journal. So there’s no telling where this will go.

Well, I must say, I am blown away by the handwriting recognition on the Note 3.

A little background. I’m a self-confessed technophile. I love gadgets and all things tech. I abandoned my beloved Iphone 4S and bought the Galaxy Note 2 last year about the same time (around November 15th) and two weeks in I knew I had something special.

A device that began to fulfill the promises of Palm Pilots and Pocket PCs of ages long passed.

I remembered buying my first real Pocket PC an HP2200 sporting Windows Mobile OS (showing my age here) and loving the wifi psyncing (before it was unceremoniously abandoned for Bluetooth) and the  dual memory card slots; an SD andCF if memory serves. And wishing it could make phone calls.

Well, the Palm Treo came out, but the budget just couldn’t sustain an upgrade from my old phone at the time, a Sony Ericsson (these were the days before discounted phones via contract renewals).

Being a poor geek was a rough life in those days.

Oh, but I took every opportunity to ogle the new tech via online news outlets and reviews liked CNet, Engadget, and PC Magazine.

Even then, there was a feeling of the tech industry moving towards a kind of singularity.

Over the years I’ve owned quite a few Windows Phones. But for me, the IPhone was the first device that tied in music, video, web browsing, and a phone in one device.

For years I was a devout hater of all things Apple. Hardcore Windows Mobile till the bitter end.

Till the inception of contract upgrades and a very persistent (and very pretty) Best Buy sales rep who gave me my first sip of the Apple Cool -Aid in the Iphone 4.

And I was hooked! I came to realize a lot of my apprehension about Apple (specifically iOS) was envy ala Fox and the Grapes. Easy to hate what you can’t afford.

A new job and more money led to a sumptuous feast at the Apple Table as iOS expanded and I acquired my first Ipad. And began to understand and retort the mantra: “It just works.”

I loved both the IPhone and the IPad for Media consumption, and eventually ported my vast music collection and some .avi files of my favorite movies to both. I loved having all of my media in the Apple ecosphere.

And yes, the Ipad 2 and IPhone 4S were purchased as I discovered Amazon and how easy it was to sell my old Apple devices to offset the price of the new.

And then came the Netflix app and I was in mediaphile heaven. Netflix on iOS is still an awesome experience.

But throughout my love affair with iOS, I never forgot those little bits and pieces of Palm and Windows Mobile that allowed (albeit limited) text input and document creation via Palm Grafiti and a stylus input; (Brace yourself) Windows Mobile Office.

I was one of the few users, I suppose who actually mourned the death of the stylus. Yes. I actually liked writing on the screen and missed it.

The Galaxy Note was the first Android device that integrated the stylus (redubbed the S-Pen) seemlessly, in my oppinion.

But the Iphone 4S was still too yummy to pass up and Android too alien to me. By that time I was just too entrenched in the Appleverse to even consider anything Android.

Ironically, I’m not a fan of change despite my technophile roots.

My first taste of the Droid came with another trip to Best Buy. No pretty sales rep this time, but a surplus of funds and the ability to pick up a demo Galaxy Tab 7 device and sample Android’s wares had me questioning my devotion to my beloved IPad.

I was surprised by all the apps I used in iOS with counteparts in Android. And so the The Galaxy Tab 7 was the gateway device, opening the door for the Galaxy Note 2.

The first Galaxy Note wasn’t enough to make me trade in my IPhone. But the Note 2 with its 5.5inch display, S-Pen, and SD card expandable memory finally posed a great enough challenge to the IPhone, leaving me with the choice.

Get an IPhone 5 (with all the latest and greatest Appley goodness) or try out the Note 2 and wade into the deep end of Android?

I was feeling adventurous and realized if I didn’t like the Note 2, I could always trade it in for the Iphone 5.

But the moment I saw that gargantuan 5.5 inch screen, realized the massive collection music and movies I’d acquired over the years was instantly accessible, and accessorized with a 64gb Micro SD (an option unavailable for iOS devices) I was hooked.

Then I tried the S-Pen.

And while the experience wasn’t perfect, the S-pen fulfilled the promise of styli past. Serving up the first viable means of text input via handwriting I’d ever seen in a smart phone.

And I never looked back.

Right now my devices include: the Galaxy Note 3, the original Ipad Mini, a Galaxy Note 10.1, and the MacBook Air.

I have no clue if I’ll continue to blog.
Or what about. While I love the tech, I don’t want to limit myself.

I think most bloggers have a message , a topic, or at least a focus.

I just enjoy writing. The act of writing is cathartic for me. It’s a part of my thought process. I’ve kept a journal for years; tomes of daily goings on, my feelings and opinions.

For years I’ve had aspirations of becoming a published writer.

Fiction. Novels.
Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

Not so sure I’m ready to share all of that.

Truth is, I’ve never been very organized or focused. I began using Evernote a few years ago with the goal of using it to be organise my thoughts and ideas. But that’s still very much a work in progress.

I love Evernote on the Galaxy Note 3. Together they have allowed me to capture ideas nearly as reliably as pen and paper.

Mmm. I wonder if it’s possible to write an entire novel using the Galaxy Note 3 alone?

While I’m not so sure where (or if) this blog is going, one thing is for certain. The Galaxy Note 3 will be an integral part of my writing arsenal.